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Your Weekend Starts Here! 2002 – paper, rotating mirror balls, spotlights. Habitat, Tottenham Court Road, London.

Shane Waltener’s installations respond to the history or the character of the environment for which they are made.
Your Weekend Starts Here! is a text based installation, made specifically for Habitat, celebrating the activities that take place in the Tottenham Court Road store – namely choosing, styling and decorating. Using the current Habitat catalogue as source material, Waltener samples text and images to devise original patterns which are printed as a unique wallpaper.
Displayed in the glass box and on the walls and tables, the wallpaper transforms the café into a surreal reading room. The text reads as one continuous sentence – an otherworldly stream of consciousness that is grounded by domestic references and lifestyle commentary. It can be read from any direction, allowing the visitor to dip in and out as they choose – creating their own narrative.
© Emma Underhill, Habitat curator, 2002