Media Release Courtesy of Fracture Gallery & RMIT Gallery:

See the Fracture Gallery transformed into a delicate spider web as acclaimed London artist, Shane Waltener weaves his magic to create, Another World Wide Web to launch the gallery’s 2009 exhibition program.

Accessible all year round, the Fracture Gallery is a unique exhibition space consisting of twin parallel glass walls extending the full length of the Atrium at Fed Square.

Curated by RMIT Gallery, the 2009 exhibition program will showcase the work of new and established local and international artists from around the globe.

“With the support of RMIT Gallery the Fracture Gallery will deliver artistic, cultural, interactive and socially engaging exhibitions for Melbourne,” said Kate Brennan, Federation Square Chief Executive Officer.

Another World Wide Web involves Waltener stretching hundreds of metres of hand-knitted shirring elastic between the beams of the Fracture Gallery to create a giant spider web.

The work reflects Waltener’s ongoing interest in celebrating needlecraft in a monumental way to a broader section of the public. “The message of the piece is that we are all connected, and that beauty is in the detail,” says Waltener.

A delicate process, Waltener uses a technique called Shetland Lace to create his vision. The piece relies on each stitch, each connection to hold it into shape. The elastic breaking at any point has the potential to alter the look of the entire piece.